Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

At the Autism Assessment Centre, we’re proud to have supported numerous individuals and families who have sought help in understanding and managing autism. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive assessments, diagnoses, and interventions to help individuals on the autism spectrum lead fulfilling lives.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say about the impact our services have had on their lives. The following testimonials are from individuals who have completed assessments and received support from our centre. Their words serve as a reminder of why we do what we do and motivates us to continue providing high-quality care to those who need it.

Paul’s Story

Myself and my wife got to the point with our son were we felt after getting him therapy and on advice, that our son needed an Autism assessment. We got in contact with a few places and it was overwhelming dealing with most places because we were very new to this and with everything from expenses to hearing words that we didn’t know much about to be honest.

Aisling from Autism Assessment Centre got in touch with us after we left an email and from there on in everything was pretty good and easy.  So Aisling through phone calls arranged for us a date to go to Cork for our son to be assessed. The assessment date we chose was a Saturday and were glad of this as were coming from Dublin. 

Before we went to Cork there was a Zoom call with the Psychologist Mary Rizza and she asked questions about our son and in turn we got to ask her everything we wanted to know. After the Zoom call we were quite happy and at ease with everything going forward. 

We went to Cork and our son met with Mary Rizza and her team. She was very good with our son who was nervous and in no time he was laughing away with her and at ease. Our son was taking into a room with Mary and she carried out her assessment. Our son was happy coming out and told us everyone is really nice, which was good because driving down in the car he was a little nervous. 

We got our assessment results about 8 weeks later and everything was explained to us and going forward our options. 

I would honestly highly recommend Autism Assessment Centre to anyone who is in the same situation as us.

Everything from the very start to Aisling talking with us about everything that would happen from start to finish and also the payment plan which was great. Big thank you to all the staff.

– Paul Burke

Maggie’s Story

Our experience of the Autism Assessment Centre was very good. They were efficient and able provide assessment appointment within 2 months. Administrations staff and coordinators were helpful, informative, and patient. They always followed up to ensure we were clear of each step on the way. 

Educational Psychologist Dr. Mary Rizza was very nice, she was gentle, professional and clear, and explained so much to us. She was very good with my daughter (2 years, 8 months at the time). She ensured the assessment was not hard on her, it was gentle and open, yet thorough, professional and observant. 

The speech and Language therapist Siobhan was very friendly, informative, and very thorough in her observations and information gathering.

They helped us understand many behaviours and gave clarity to what they were finding. They gave a detailed report and explained everything in it, provided clear recommendations, gave helpful advice and many links to various supports after.

I would definitely recommend the Autism Assessment Centre, they were flexible, professional and helped us get the supports our  daughter needs. Thank you to all the team.

– Maggie Griffin

Martina’s Story

I was in search of a Autism centre to do a private assesment for my 15 Yr old daughter in 2023. 
I am as a person probably a perfectionist in my own way and wanted the best assesment possible for my daughter. I contacted at least 12 different Autism centres but once I spoke to Rebecca in the Autism assessment centre I knew straight away my daughter Hazel would be in safe hands. 

From the very start, the assessment went so smoothly. My daughter met the team, and for a girl who can feel anxious and overwhelmed so easily, the team had such an amazing way my daughter. They put her at ease, which is huge. They were so good with my daughter but also very professional from start to finish. The team showed my Husband and I great compassion and also if we needed to talk between sessions they made themselves available for us at short notice. 

We received my daughters diagnosis and I visited my G.P of 35 yrs with it. She told me it was an amazing report so meticulous and an outstanding report. Mary and the team got to know my daughter inside out and opened my eyes on issues that were so visible to them as professionals that I did not see. I have developed an understanding of my daughter in so many ways since the assesment and  we have grown closer because of it.

I can not recommend the Autism Assessment centre highly enough.

They are amazing from start to finish and my family and I will be forever grateful to them for everything. Outstanding centre in every way, best choice.

– Martina

Latanya’s Story

My family and I travelled from Co Clare. We had been on a HSE waiting list for two years and we found it difficult to find a private service locally. We found the Autism Assessment Centre online. I got a response quite quickly when I was enquiring about making an appointment.   

The waiting list to get my son an appointment was very short in comparison to going public. Everyone we spoke with or had any interaction with was very helpful and very informative. I was given updates throughout the process both via email and phone.  

We had a pleasant experience, and I would recommend this service, especially to those finding it hard to get an appointment in their local area.    

– Latanya

More Testimonials

Aisling was the first person we encountered and she was extremely helpful and explained all of the steps along the assessment journey really well. The pre screen video conference call was really good and it gave me an opportunity to meet the psychologist my son was going to meet in advance. Communication was really good throughout the process and the turnaround time for confirmation of the appointment was very efficient.


I wholeheartedly recommend Autism Assessment Ireland. My daughter was put at ease which put me at ease. Autism assessment Ireland have a unique blend of professionalism and kindness.


I found the service through a Google search and it was within Cork city which was perfect location wise. The communication was very efficient and personal, the process was rapid considering the waiting times a lot of parents can experience. Mary was exceptional in explaining the findings in a detailed call and was available for follow-up if I required any further explanations. 


I found this Autism assessment service on Google. 
Outstanding autism detection experience! The assessment was comprehensive and delivered with great sensitivity. The platform’s user-friendly design made it accessible, and the results were provided promptly. A valuable tool for early detection and support. Highly recommend! 


I heard about the services via researching on the internet. I would recommend the centre – communication was good and there was always a reply in a timely fashion. We felt both supported and informed and any questions that arose were answered. Recommendations: if any questions were raised with the report, I think the best advice to give possibly is to arrange a call directly with the psychologist rather than there being a third person involved! It’s easier to explain things directly with the psychologist as they will have already met the child concerned. It was a very positive experience hopefully our son will flourish from here with the right supports in school. 


Rebecca has coordinated everything with me for my daughter. I just really wanted to give her the best praise possible for how helpful and kind she has been throughout the process. 
For myself as an autistic person too, I found her extremely patient, approachable and kind. She very much put me at ease as processing lots of info like this can be tough for me. 
She gave me plenty of time to talk on the calls, explained each part of the process clearly and it was very clear for me how each stage will progress. 
She’s really a credit to your team.