Benefits of having an assessment

Benefits Of Having An Assessment

We all want to help support the growth and development of our children. Sometimes providing that support can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how best help them. At Autism Assessment Centre Ireland we know that children can experience the world in many different ways and that some children have unique needs which might require extra help as they grow. Knowing what those needs might be, and how best to support them is something that an assessment of need can help with.

By assessing whether your child might have Autism you will be able to gain the following:

Peace of mind

Whatever the outcome, just knowing more can bring comfort


Greater understanding of your child’s specific needs.


Practical advice on how to better help and support your child.


Access to a range of ‘next step’ support and information.

If your child does receive a diagnosis, such as autism, it can help unlock a range of supports, such as help in school; and if a diagnosis of autism is not received at this time it can help point in other directions to explore, which will make getting the help you need even easier.

Whatever the outcome of the assessment our team of clinical professionals will walk you through what it means for you and your child, and will help provide you with practical advice on what to do next and how you can support your child’s development and growth in the future.