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Autism Assessment Centre Ireland was established to provide families across Ireland the opportunity to have a professional assessment of need in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Our dedicated and specialised multi-disciplinary team have over 30-years-experience in the field and will help provide clear, compassionate advice alongside a full HSE-standard assessment report. We offer a person centred, evidence based assessments for children aged 3 to 17.

The Autism Assessment Centre is part of the Servisource Group which has 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

Our team have extensive experience working directly with the HSE to provide high-quality reports which satisfy all current criteria both for Primary Care/Children’s Disability Network Team (CDNT) and Special Education Needs Organiser (SENO). You can be rest assured that a report from our team will help provide both the answers and the assistance you need.

When there is a question about your child’s functioning, we understand how important knowledge and trusted guidance can be. Whether there is a diagnosis or not, we will always take time to walk you through the process of getting help for your child. Our services include a multidisciplinary/multi-factor assessment that results in a report and feedback session to guide you to the next steps.

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